Candidate for the highest award, the Nobel Prize, in the field of literature is Voliotis Kyriakos Kyoudis.

The poet and writer created a poetic epic with 12,138 rhetorical verses in a finger hex (Homeric dimension) with nine rhapsodies larger than Homer’s Odyssey and based on Modern Greek. 19659003] In his speech at, Mr. Kutydis emphasized that “Eliamieda” is essentially allegorical work. He has a central hero who seeks his destination by embarking on a mysterious journey, first to man and nature. Later, the circumstances lead him to a hike in which he encounters people and cultures in different environments and circumstances. His role in these people’s lives is catalytic, changing the course of their history, sometimes in a subversive way, while shaping their own destiny. Through the beginnings and adventures of the protagonist, the great ideals, values ​​and ideals of man are promoted. All of this is enriched with elements of mythology, philosophy, mathematics, medicine, botany, etc., “he added.

Regarding the data that made him a candidate for the Swedish Academy Award, Mr. Kydoudes notes: “The elements and criteria that emphasize it are that a similar work must be written Homer’s age.“Eliamiada” is a poetic epic with 12,138 and for the first time secular rhythmic texts, with nine rhapsodies, larger than the Homeric Odyssey, which were created in 77 dialects and linguistic idioms based on Modern Greek. Moreover, the fact that the project as a whole is in line with the Nobel Prize for Literature, which should have an idealized, idealistic global orientation. At present, however, the nomination is not the appropriate honor, signed by professors from universities, academics, scientists and others. ”



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